As an ardent reader and one who is committed to value based leadership, I find this book “Essential steps for creating an ethical organisation ” a MUST read for any person, business, or nation interested in a systemic fight against corruption.

A couple of weeks ago, Omowunmi Afolabi, CEO, Above the Line Consult, tweeted her review on one of our mini-series “Essential steps for creating an ethical organisation”.

See tweet and a very instructive review below:


The battle against corruption can be won, if we would all take responsibility to intentionally build an ethical culture within our organisation.

This 80-page mini book provides a practical guide on how to establish structures within the confines of best standard global practices.

The case studies are simple and relatable to our work life experience.

It is worthy to note that when we create an organisation with ethical culture, it absolutely has a great impact on our internal productivity and performance. It improves staff motivation, reduces attrition and above all creates a healthy and happier work environment.

If the wisdom shared in this book is adhere to, then we would undoubtedly build strong and lasting businesses with ethical cultures.

The book highlights topics around the role of a leader, creating ethical relationships with stakeholders, managing conflicts of interest, curbing dishonesty, distinguishing between bribe and gifts, preventing sexual harassment and exhibiting personal ethics.

We can and we must win the fight against corruption through our actions.

LEAP Books here.


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